Meters & detectors (4)

Value Mains Tester - 3x138mm

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Stanley Circuit Testers - 220V to 250V - 3x64mm

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Bosch PMD 10 Multi Digital Detector

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Ozito 360 Degree Line Laser with Tripod

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Complete small electrical tasks safely in the home with help from Homebase. We understand that electrics can be dangerous and you should only work on them if you know what you're doing. That's why we stock fantastic electrical test equipment so you can make sure you're never putting tool or hand on live electrics. Turn the power off at the fuse box, grab a digital multimeter and check that you have the green light to work on wiring or electrics in safety.

These tools can also be very useful for testing what part of a circuit is broken and needs repairing. A test meter or circuit tester lets you know at what point the circuit has broken and therefore where you need to fix it. It can be used on home electrics and appliances too - in fact, anything that runs on power can be checked and fixed using the great hand tools from Homebase.

We have a big choice of electrical supplies and accessories at Homebase so you can look after the electrics in your home. This includes any power tools that you might have. It's sensible to check any equipment that might be dangerous before use and a quick once over with a circuit or mains tester from Homebase is just what's needed.

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