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Imagine what our homes would be like without electricity. It's almost impossible these days to conjure up the idea of a home without power. So much of our lives depend on the power supply we get through our sockets and light switches. The appliances themselves are important but it is often the electrical installation accessories that ensure it all works safely.

We have many electrical accessories for countless little jobs; from doorbells that alert you of visitors to extension leads that ensure you have enough plugs in the living room. You'll also need a store of standard batteries in the home, so that you have spares when the remote control runs out. With switches, sockets and fittings you can make sure you are always covered should something wear out or break.

Plug sockets come in many different designs and styles, depending on your taste. You can also get rechargeable batteries and battery chargers if you don't want to throw batteries away when thy run out of power. You always need to be careful with electricity, which is why Homebase has a range of meters and detectors that can be used to ensure all your electrical items are safe.

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