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It's very important to try and keep water away from your property as much as possible. The best way of doing this is with effective guttering, which drains water from the roof and protects the rest of the building. However, guttering needs regular maintenance to ensure it is doing its job. Here at homebase we have a range of guttering materials, including affordable uPVC guttering, so that you can repair and replace as and when you need to, with minimum fuss.

Our range of uPVC guttering, which is durable and long lasting, will help to keep your home dry and free from water damage and incorporates the Easyclip jointing system to allow both quick installation and removal for easy cleaning. Even small cracks in guttering can have serious consequences, as water has a nasty habit of getting everywhere. Most houses will need solid rainwater guttering along the edge of any tiles or roofing sheets. This will then need to be drained down a rainwater pipe that leads into the local drainage system.

You also need to ensure that guttering is not blocked by leaves and other debris, as blockages can cause overflows and cause water to penetrate the building. A simple clean each year in the spring will help to keep it free of debris and at Homebase you can get the essential hand tools and step ladders to make this job an easy one. Just a few hours each year will help to keep your guttering in great condition and keep your home safe from water damage and flooding. For all your guttering needs, browse our website today.

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