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Are you a bath person or a shower person? Since people generally tend to prefer one over the other, there is often a split within families, which is why in many households you'll find a bathtub with a shower over it. If that's the case then you need to stop the water flooding out onto the bathroom floor and soaking the bath mats. Complement your choice with an array of bathroom essentials, including screens and bath panels in a style to suit you.

Pick from our extensive collection of front and end bath panels in a design to brighten up your bath. From plastic panels to the warmth of natural wood, lift the look of your living space with a little help from Homebase. Why not keep shower spray to a minimum with our range of stylish bath screens? Choose from a range of curved or L-shaped bath shower screens for the perfect fit for your facility.

Why not consider folding bath screens as an equally effective and space-saving alternative? From plain to patterned glass, pick from our wide range of stylish bath screens in a style to suit you. For fully fitted bathrooms or affordable bath packs for your home, head to Homebase and browse our product pages for inspirational interior ideas.

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